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October 5, 2017
Never be afraid of trying something new in marketing
Never be afraid of trying something new in marketing

Trying out a new marketing idea or technique could be just what your business needs to start growing. But fear and anxiety over your customers reaction can hold you back.

It happens to most every entrepreneur… You’ve got a great idea for marketing your business. Maybe you’re even really excited about it. Then you find yourself procrastinating and not taking the action steps needed to make it happen.

You could be … Afraid no one will notice or respond? Worried it would be the wrong thing? A waste of money? Embarrassing? That people won’t like it or you? Or it will be a runaway success and you won’t be able to cope?

I’ve found a few ways to move past the fear and procrastination to get my marketing done. Since I know from working with hundreds of clients over the years that I’m not the only one who suffers from fear of marketing, so here are some of my thoughts…

Have a written marketing plan. 

It’s harder to put it off when you’ve got it in writing. And be sure to set milestones and due dates to keep you honest.

Schedule it into your calendar. 

If you schedule in time to work on each marketing task you increase the chances that it will get done.

Break it down. 

A marketing tactic like writing and publishing a regular newsletter, for example, can require many steps to implement. Break it down and attack each separate task as its own to-do until you’ve got the whole job done.

Make marketing one of your weekly tasks.

Keeping it in front of you makes it harder to forget (whether on purpose or unintentionally). And crossing it off the list feels good.

Confront your demons.

Sometimes, just by stopping and thinking it through, you’ll realize the reason you’re procrastinating is totally illogical. Suddenly it becomes easier to proceed.

What will you gain?

Think about the potential benefits of taking action. Imagine what it could do for your business. If that’s worth having then it’s even more worth doing.

Don’t hide away.

If you want to grow a thriving business you’ve got to generate interest and do the marketing. Promote your brand, you can’t let fear of rejection, failure, success or anything else hold you back. Let everybody know what problems you’ll be solving for them and how you can improve their lives.




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